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I am a servant can you see what’s inside deep within me,
for I desire to measure up to the call that’s in my heart.
In this world there are those who will not bear their cross,
they will not bow their knees to the one who sets them free.

I don’t want to be like them I don’t mind bearing the pain,
as the world rushes by I don’t mind being left behind.
If it takes a lot of work, lot’s of toiling and despair,
you will find the servant there, faithful to the one who calls.

the servant

Some pretend to be like him by just acting out some things,

but when the going does get hard only servants you will find.

Always faithful to their call, hard at work bearing their cross.

Minding not who cares or why, they keep on serving out their lives.

What about these ones who serve? Is there one who can explain?

How can one serve out one’s life just pleasing others instead of "I".

If you search deep down inside,

you will find there was a time when that servant had a need.

Unfilled wanting and desires, no one cared,

no one dared, no one spared time to supply him.

Then THE SERVANT came along,

and whispered words sweet to the ears.

If you serve me I will feel your life with very precious tears,

of the young ones who have no one, with the pain of lonely ones.

I will give you strong big shoulders where my little ones can cry.

Oh the joys of been needed outweighs the selfishness of life.

Oh the joys of giving pleasures and fulfilling others desires.

Yes, it is that joy that fills this empty hole that we call life.

Oh that I may serve him faithfully everyday until I die.

The Servant by Marcos Marrero Aug. 25, 1997

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