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Anondo was a name I had never heard before,

Anondo was a person, well at least that much I know.

In the winters he gave blankets, in the summers hand held fans.
In the autumn he cleaned gutters for the folks too old to climb.

Come the springtime he gave flowers with a smile to passers by.
Come somebody please and tell me what was in Anondo’s mind.

I remember that old saying the town people used to cite,
If you need someone to help you, ask Anondo he’ll come by.
He would rolled his sleeves with pleasure,

not afraid to bear his arms.

Putting all his mighty efforts in the task that was at hand.
Always gentle with a smile any payments he declined,
Saying it was his good pleasure just to lend a helping hand.


I can not help but remember, I often think about this man,

Who so selflessly surrendered of his life to help mankind.

Never met him but I heard of him just like everybody had,

And on the day he went to heaven I heard everybody cried.

Passers by covered his casket with the flowers of the land,

That were giving their sweet perfume in remembrance of his smile.

Tell me Anondo if you hear me, tell me what was in your heart.

Teach the secrets of your purpose so I may learn and do likewise.

Well I found an old newspaper that wrote about Anondo’s life.

It told about when he was young and how he saw his parents die.

All alone in this old world he found himself just a young lad,

Then an old retired couple took him in into their lives.


They gave up their years of leisure

To make sure that this young man,

Didn’t lack the things that all young boys

As their growing up should have.

They showed him a good example

on how to treat your fellow man.

From them he learned that there is more to life

Than the selfish ways of men.

In the cold and lonely nights he found

The warmth of hands that care.

Oh how love would make those wrinkled hands

As tender as his teddy bear.

From them he learned that age can take away

The abilities one once had.

Limiting the range of motion of the body, but not the heart.

Yes Anondo learned the lesson that in my heart has just arrived.

Love is greatest when is giving from the bottom of one’s heart.

Anondo Quinsevo by Marcos Marrero June 8, 1998

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