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When the breeze refreshes one's soul
And the eyes are so full of joy
When the heart sweet melodies sing
You know who's living within.

Peace and Joy control and direct
Making all of one's cares melt away
And the river that flows from within
Washes clean all the guilt and the sin.

How can a soul be so cleansed?

And how can one find such a way?

If one follows the path of the cross

And the Painful Way's narrow roads.

One will find the blood that was shed

One will hear the words that were said:

"It is finish" man is free at last

For man's fear of death met its match.

And the one that defeated man's foe

Rose triumphantly to give us this hope

That those who will call on His Name

Will rise up to meet Him some day.

In this hope my soul feels no shame

For I know Him who freed me through grace

So I now proclaim with delight

That my Savior is risen and someday will I!

Saved By Marcos Marrero 4-28-97

i am saved
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