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Written by Pastor Marcos Marrero
Published 1.15.2010

This is a sampling of the free manual called Intercessor's Manual. You can read the free manual here.



Ephesians 6:12 “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities (Arkhay, in the original Greek), against powers (Exooseeah), against the rulers (Kosmokratore) of the darkness (Skotos) of this world, against spiritual (Pnyoomatikos) wickedness (Ponayreeah) in high places (Epooraneeos).”


Arkhay = Principalities: Commencement, principal ruler, chieftain, arch or covering.


Status: First in order, rank, time and space. Precedes all demonic powers; top.


Assignment: To pervert all God given authority and religious principles.


Exooseeah = Powers: Ability or privilege to enforce mastery of superhuman nature.


Status: Has delegated influence or jurisdiction over a specific area.


Assignment: To pervert thrones, governments, princedoms and virtues.


Kosmokratore = Rulers: Stolen dominion of a period or interval of time. (Curses)


Skotos: (of) Obscurity: Shade or shadows. (Lack of knowledge or willful ignorance)


Status: The force behind all disorder, lawlessness, lewdness.


Assignment: Everything that would weaken godly rule for the purpose of seizing and/ or retaining control. Pnyoomatikos = Spiritual: Non-carnal. Wicked spirits in the lower heaven.


Ponayreeah = Depravity: Who bring perversion, malice, plots of sins. (Malevolence)


Epooraneeos = High: Their assignment is to create an atmosphere of tolerance and self indulgence.

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